Writing Workshop Expectations

  1. Students have a minimum of 30 minutes of independent writing every day -not including the minilesson or share
  2. The current unit of study is reflected in charts or resources around the room -Ex: on walls, in folders, in baskets, binders
  3. Each writing workshop begins with the teacher explicitly teaching a skill or strategy or reminding kids of a skill or strategy that good writers use and that young writers can try
  4. Each writing workshop includes a brief minilesson, time for independent writing, and a share at the end
  5. Teacher works with individuals and small groups during independent writing time
  6. Teacher may interrupt the whole class periodically during independent writing to give reminders and tips
  7. Each writing unit of study culminates in a celebration of published student writing that is meaningful for the students
  8. Samples of writing and on-demand assessments are saved in a yearlong writing folder
  9. Writing notebooks (grades 3-6) are passed up to next year’s teacher along with the last on-demand assessment